Congratulation! – Your works of art (YOUR POEM – YOUR DRAWING) have received recognition. You are “all the buzz” in bookstore, cafes, on talk radio stations, and in general conversations. There is great interest in the fact that you were an unknown poet/artist and suddenly became a recognized creative artist. You are scheduled to appear on a national television show to discuss your art and announce when and where your art is scheduled to be exhibited.

The producer of the show wants to present your works of art as an “integrative arts experience.” In other words, she believes that people could relate and appreciate your art work if given the opportunity to experience all of the art as a whole and through many sensory levels. Her idea is to have the receivers of your art read your poetry or look at your visual creation and then listen to music and taste a food and beverage that is “like” your art works. You have also been asked to select a piece of music that represents your artistic intentions during the creation of your art. The music may have lyrics or be instrumental. It may be selected from any period or any style of music. Then you are to select a food and beverage (wine, punch, tea, coffee), that represents your art, to be tasted during the exhibition experience. Since you are working with other artists who will compose the music and prepare the food and beverage, this will be a“collaborative integrative arts experience.”

The producer is waiting for your immediate response. Please respond by stating:

1. The title of your works of art. (This will be the title for the entire collaborative integrative arts experience).

2. In ONE SENTENCE, write your artistic intention for creating your works of art. (Poem & visual art).

3. The title and composer of the selected piece of music. (Optional – performing artist or conductor and orchestra may also be stated).

4. The food and beverage you have selected.

Remember everything in this “collaborative integrative arts experience” must blend or flow together and create a whole. Have fun during this process. Good luck!

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