Writing Question

Write a 1000-1200 words research paper.

The topic of the paper is: Is GDP a good tool for measuring a country’s well-being.

You must take a stance on this topic and develop a clear and arguable thesis statement. Make sure to cite all sources (4 to 6) both in-text and in the references/works cited page. MLA format.

Source: https://medium.com/@Inflab/is-gdp-a-good-measure-of-economic-well-being-7ad449ded139#:~:text=The%20answer%20is%20that%20a,us%20to%20lead%20good%20lives.&text=In%20short%2C%20GDP%20does%20not,perfect%20measure%20of%20well%2Dbeing.


Requirements: 1000 words

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