Writer’s Journal


As soon as you began participating in peer review, you entered the revision stage of the writing process. You are now ready to continue that process by making changes to your rough draft of the Project Proposal assignment.


In this journal entry, you will create a revision plan. Just as planning can simplify and improve drafting, so too can it improve the revision process. Sketching a quick revision plan can help give you clarity on what needs to be done and what can be done given time constraints. Most writers work with deadlines in mind, so this step can help them to manage what is actually possible given those deadlines.


  • Recognizing revision needs and organizing them based on time constraints (Critical Thinking, Reading and Composing; Processes)
  • Generating a revision plan (Critical Thinking, Reading and Composing)


  • Persistence
  • Metacognition


  • Your journal entry should draw on your reflections in the Peer Review Reflection I and II activities of this module and list any revisions that you think need to happen before you submit your final draft.
  • Your entry should also consider your time constraints. Identify which revisions you can actually make given the other requirements of our class in this module and any other time constraints you may have.
  • Finally, you should sketch a quick plan for your revisions. What will you do first, second, etc.? What is most important to accomplish in your draft revision and why?

*NOTE: There are many different ways to approach these tasks, but you should aim to be as thorough as possible in your response (approximately 500 words is a good target length).


In each Writer’s Journal, you should:

  • clearly address each question or task;
  • employ many details, examples, and explanations in answering each question or task; and,
  • create an internally organized text, employing sentences (or notes where applicable) that clearly relate to one another.
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