Write Outline, thesis and Intro ONLY (NAE)

Step 1: Review and complete the following sections based on your work in the webtext.


Writing Activity 2 has four sections to complete. You will use the writing templates in your Webtext to complete them. Once you complete all templates, you will be able to download your work and submit it to Blackboard. The Webtext will guide you through the process.

Section 1: Outline

Create an outline. The outline is the plan for what to include in your essay. See your Chapter 4 Webtext for information on how to create a great outline.

Section 2: Working Thesis Statement

This is a one-sentence statement summarizing the main idea of your essay. It should tell your reader what your topic is, what your position is on the topic, and how you will support it. Use the template in Chapter 4 of your Webtext to write your working thesis statement.

Section 3: Starting Draft

Use the Webtext writing templates to set up your essay and write a draft of your introduction (including thesis statement) and the first body paragraph using appropriate evidence. Chapter 5 of your Webtext will provide you with guidance.


The topic is mental health and how to treat depression.


Mental health is important to treat and there are ways to help everyone from the old to the young. This also cause physical pain as well.

Supporting Points

1. Mental illness is just as deadly or worse than physical illness. 2. There is a judgment in society about mental illness and how to treat and diagnosis it. 3. Mental illness comes in many forms and it can affect everyone.


The goal of this paper is to get people to understand how mental illness can affect everyone around them. Also, how the illness can be passed down in the family. I will show that the mental illness can lead to a bigger problem down the road.

Audience The paper is targeted to everyone that felt that mental illness is a problem for that person; however, it affects everyone around him or her. Also, it will be a guideline on what to do in case a problem arise


Mental health is a quiet killer among the world today. In the world, people have suffered in silence because of the stigma of having made people feel uneasy. The issues of mental illness can lead to having physical issues later the line. In this paper, I will discuss what is mental illness and what are the causes and how to deal with them. I also will write about there are many kinds of mental illness. The definition of mental illness is a person’s condition about their psychological and emotional well-being (mentalhealth.gov). There are a lot of things that can trigger mental health in a person; such as genetics, abuse, trauma and family history just to name a few. The clues people look for in a mental health problem are eating or sleeping too much or not at all, no energy, abusing drugs, and mood swings that are severe. In teens mental illness can begin as early as fourteen and in young adults by the age of twenty-four. (psychiatry.org). The most common kinds of mental illness are clinical depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar, autism and schizophrenia just to name a few. These illnesses don’t get diagnosed, it could lead to a physical form of illness; that could cause heart attacks, seizures, and sometimes death. There might not be one thing that could set off the illness but stacking little issues on top of each other can cause an outbreak of mental issues. P

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