write on quantitative or mixed method

methodology: on ontology, epistemology and thematic analysis
Subject: Management

4 page/1100 word of Methodology rewriting on ontology and epistemology (based on draft of 7 pages)

APA format.

Technically, many sentences need to be cited. So, lots of number of sources . Also, please refer to my notes.

Subject: Management – HRM – Expatriation


I have read the draft. Thank you.

My main concern on this draft is that the writer did not elaborate the ontology, epistemology and paradigm using Burrell and Morgan (1979). I have mentioned in the guideline that this source need to be the writer’s main source when writing (for example, kindly refer to the notes attached that need to be included/elaborated in the writing based on Burrell and Morgan (1979)).

The writer also need to re-write this work (as mentioned in my order) while incorporating my current version. Using Burrell and Morgan (1979) is highly expected when writing this work. I hope the writer is well-versed with the topic and this type of writing at doctorate level.

If you need more pages to write on ontology, epistemology and paradigm, kindly inform me for consideration to pay more. But, I would love to see the draft on this topic before I make any decision. Maybe you could send me the draft on ontology for example.

My study is subjective. It is also interpretivist. Kindly provide its justifications with the chosen ontology, epistemology and paradigm.

I am also using qualitative and thematic analysis. Therefore, the writer do not need to write on quantitative or mixed method as presented in the first draft. Just explain the justification to use qualitative in robust as well as thematic analysis.

If you need further clarification, kindly inform me.

Looking forward to your received your comments.

Thank you.

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