Write a report on Security threats to mobile devices and countermeasures

Question description


Below are listed a list of topics. You are required to –

  • Select a topic from the list and conduct research (based on literature, at least three recent research papers) and prepare a summary report with brief supportive descriptions to post on the forum/blog. In your posting you should provide information about the topic (discuss the topic, challenges, problems, describe the relevant technologies, applications of the technologies, clarify vague areas, research questions… etc.)
  • Provide constructive feedback for (at least two) cohort colleagues and receive feedback from (at least two) cohort colleagues on your own design and make refinements accordingly.
  • Raise questions about the information provided by other students (this must be done in an adequately professional manner)
  • Respond to questions raised about your own information and other student’s
  • Contribute to discussions in general

Note that the aim of this task is:

1.to build an understanding and perspective of current hot topics in Information Security; and
2. to build generic skills including, but not limited to:

  • a capacity for teamwork and collaboration;
  • an ability for critical thinking, analysis and problem solving;
  • information technological literacy;
  • a capacity for lifelong learning and an appreciation of its necessity.
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