Write a report on Augmented Reality and explain What AR is and list a few examples of how its being used

write a 2 page report on Augmented Reality. Explain What AR is and list a few examples of how its being used. Also, you will need to find two examples of AR projects and provided a summary. Please stick to scholarly sources and be sure to cite in APA format. ( If you find a project that you really find interesting, but it blends over into mixed or virtual reality instead of pure AR, its still fine to use, just be sure to explain)

Paper Requirements:

APA style

2 pages (references does not count)

3 mins ago

Augmented Reality in education – cases, places and potentials
Matt Bowera
*, Cathie Howeb
, Nerida McCredieb
, Austin Robinsona and David
School of Education, Macquarie University, North Ryde, Australia; b
Macquarie ICT
Innovations Centre, North Ryde, Australia
(Received 19 September 2013; final version received 24 November 2013)
Augmented Reality is poised to profoundly transform Education as we know it.
The capacity to overlay rich media onto the real world for viewing through
web-enabled devices such as phones and tablet devices means that information
can be made available to students at the exact time and place of need. This has
the potential to reduce cognitive overload by providing students with “perfectly
situated scaffolding”, as well as enable learning in a range of other ways. This
paper will review uses of Augmented Reality both in mainstream society and in
education, and discuss the pedagogical potentials afforded by the technology.
Based on the prevalence of information delivery uses of Augmented Reality in
Education, we argue the merit of having students design Augmented Reality
experiences in order to develop their higher order thinking capabilities. A case
study of “learning by design” using Augmented Reality in high school Visual
Art is presented, with samples of student work and their feedback indicating that
the approach resulted in high levels of independent thinking, creativity and
critical analysis. The paper concludes by establishing a future outlook for
Augmented Reality and setting a research agenda going forward.
Keywords: Augmented Reality; AR; pedagogy; mobile; design-based learning;
higher order thinking
Introduction to Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality technology is gaining popularity within society and becoming
more ubiquitous in nature (Johnson, Smith, Levine, & Haywood, 2010). Augmented
Reality systems can be defined as those that allow real and virtual objects to coexist
in the same space and be interacted with in real time (Azuma, 1997). The process of
combining virtual data with real-world data can provide users with access to rich
and meaningful multimedia content that is contextually relevant and can be easily
and immediately acted upon (Billinghurst, Kato, & Poupyrev, 2001). Unlike Virtual
Reality, which completely immerses the user’s senses in a synthetic environment,
Augmented Reality permits the user to perceive the real world through a virtual
overlay. Virtual objects used in Augmented Reality systems may include text, still
images, video clips, sounds, 3D models and animations. Ideally, these virtual objects
will be perceived as coexisting within a real-world environment

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