Write a narrative essay on any of the following topics.

Write a narrative essay on any of the following topics. Your narrative may contain passages making use of other models, such as definition or comparison. Choose your narrative structure carefully, and avoid including minor details that add little to the story line. Use flashbacks and flash-fowards carefully. Transitional statements, paragraphing, and line breaks can help clarify changes in the chronology. Remember, a narrative can include dialogue, which can dramatize a conversation.

1. A job interview.

2. Moving into your first dorm room or apartment.

3. The events that led you to take a major action-quit a job, end a relationship, or join an organization.

4. A sporting event you played in or observed(you may wish to limit the narrative to a single play)

5. A brief history of an organization you belong to or a company you work for

6. An event that placed you in danger.

7. An experience that led you to change your opinion about a friend or family member.

8. A brief biography of a person you admire or the history of a musical group.

9. The worst day of high school or college career

10. An accident or medical emergency-focus on creating a clear, minute-by-minute chronology.

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