Why is global warming so difficult to solve politically?

Choose whatever economics topic you want to write from following 6 for the short paper that are 2-3 pages in length, double space, 12-point font.

I only need one reference for this paper. Also, this paper has to be written as the grade chat I provided, please read carefully with that rubric.

1. Why is global warming so difficult to solve politically? What factors impede a coordinated response?

2. Bernie Sanders ran his campaign on a promise of free universal health care that he described as a “human right.” Is this a good paradigm for health care? How will free health care have an effect on both users of health care and health care markets? Does this make good policy? Do you have another idea?

3. Why do economists always talk about optimization? What does it mean to optimize? How does marginal analysis play a role?

Can charities solve the problem of poverty and the social safety net? Explain.

4. Explain how economists treat self-interest as a universal motivator. What experiments have we done to illustrate this phenomenon. Does self interest mean money?

5. The Wharf to Wharf race in Santa Cruz has a cap of 16,000 runners. Many more than 16,000 people would like to participate. Given that the race is a charity, the price they charge for a bib is $45. These sell out in under 30 minutes to the frustration of many people. Recommend some allocation methods and discuss the economic efficiency implications of each. You could also discuss fairness issues as well and how they might be pitted against each other. For example, would a lottery be a good mechanism? (examples include first-come-first-served, auctions, cronyism, nepotism, a lottery, strength)

6. Many Americans do not have sufficient savings for retirement. At the same time, the Federal government is facing a rapidly depleting social security fund. What policies should the government enact in order to solve the problem of insufficient retirement savings. Do you think the government should not be in the business of addressing this at all?

Note: It goes without saying that each of these questions should be answered using either citations of empirical research, or the empirical research references themselves.

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