Why is a small insect able to stand on the surface of water without falling in?


  1. Is water molecule polar or non-polar?  Explain why?
  2. What is cohesion and Adhesion? What gives water its cohesive and adhesive properties?
  3. Why is a small insect able to stand on the surface of water without falling in?
  4. How do plants transport water molecules against gravity to the cells in the leaves at the top from their roots?
  5. Why does water have a greater ability to resist temperature changes compared to other liquids?
  6. Define : Calorie and specific heat.
  7. What is the specific heat of water?
  8. How do our bodies cool off after intense activity? (in other words, explain evaporative cooling)
  9. Why does ice float on water and not sink?
  10. Define the terms Hydrophilic and hydrophobic
  11. Why does oil not mix with water?
  12. Why is water a versatile solvent
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