Why did the supporters of the new Constitution call themselves "Federalists"?

Please answer the following series of questions 1, 2 and 3.
1.Why did the supporters of the new Constitution call themselves “Federalists”? Were they actually Federalists, or did their philosophy of government reveal them to be something else? If so, what? What method did the Federalists employ to get their views across to the people? What were their arguments, and how did the “Anti-federalists” respond?
2.What were the two major points of view that divided the Constitutional Convention? What plans did each side propose to carry its view? How were the differences between the “large state” and the “small state” plans resolved? What other issues divided the convention, and how were they resolved?
3.Who were the advocates of centralization, and why did they want to alter or abolish the Articles of Confederation? What did those who favored centralization see as the most serious problem of the Articles, and how would they have changed them? What had prevented these changes?

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