Why are some managers only managers and not true leaders?

Opinion Paper – Leadership


Take the leadership survey in the link listed above and answer the following questions in your paper:

  1. What is the definition of a leader in your own opinion and what type of characteristics/traits should a leader have?
  2. Why are some managers only managers and not true leaders?
  3. Do you feel that a title is required in order to be a leader? Explain.
  4. Complete the leadership assessment and perform a candid self-assessment of your leadership skills by answering the following two questions. (Do not include the actual survey in your paper)
    • What are the areas that you feel you have strong leadership skills based on the assessment?
    • What are the areas that you feel you need to gain more knowledge on to become a better leader?
  5. How will having leadership qualities, even if you do not have a leadership title, help you in your IT career?
  6. Explain your career goals in regards to becoming a leader.
  7. Discuss a CEO or CIO in a previous organization you have worked for and their leadership skills. Did you find them to be an effective and good leader why or why not? (If you do not have organizational experiences write about a CEO or CIO’s leadership style that you would follow. Explain why you admire that CEO or CIO).

All papers are required to be in APA format. Follow the same instructions as listed for Paper 1 in Week 2’s folder. Since this is an opinion paper paraphrasing and using direct quotes should be kept to a minimum. I am looking for your thoughts and views on this topic.


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