Where is our faith?

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So, I read this and had to share it with my wife. Why? Because science is one of her bread and butters, and I knew she could break this down and give me more insight. Of course she was so passionate about it. However, we didn’t see eye to eye. I voiced my opinion that I thought this was ethical, the ES cells that is. My reasoning is because it is all voluntary. Sometimes men should keep quiet; however, I am glad my wife explained why she thought otherwise and I now too think otherwise. First, I must say I am a Christian and my viewpoints are Christian based. Having a baby is a pure joy. It is very distasteful to take what is suppose to be a blissful joy and turn it into a man’s greed. I say it is greed because a child is murdered so a man who has already lived can live longer, while the child suffers and never lives. I must add that Sarah in the Bible was a faithful woman, she trusted God to bring her a child even though she was up in age. We as world let money and instant gratification control a lot of our actions. Where is our faith? On the other hand I see no wrong in using miscarried fetuses or umbilical cords for stem cells because the child has already passed through the woman.

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