When talking of situational analysis, industry analysis and competition analysis are the two main factors that require an in- depth analysis. Explain these two situations.

a. Examine the current challenges and opportunities that today’s organizations face and explain how managers can apply the knowledge of organizational behavior to deal with them. (10 marks)
b. Explain effective leadership using path-goal theory of situational leadership.(10 marks)
c. Discuss the functions of attitudes in managing employees behavior.(10 marks)
a. Explain the key determinants of personality that influence employees behavior.(5 marks)
b. Examine how the scheduling of scheduling of reinforcement can be used to influence behavior.(5 marks)
Examine the relationship between Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs theory, Herzberg’s Two-Factor theory and Alderfer’s theory of motivation. (10 marks)
a. Explain the factors that would influence an employee’s job satisfaction.(5marks)
b. Examine the individual characteristics that are more prone to suffer stress.(5mark)





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