what you think are the 5 most important points in the two chapters and a 300 words discussion why you think they are most important.see in attachment.

what you think are the 5 most important points in the two chapters and a 300 words discussion why you think they are most important.

For example from student ,

  1. The German invasion of Poland on December 1, 1939
  2. Hitler’s “Euthanasia” Program against the disabled (T-4 Program)
  3. The different treatment of Polish Jews and Polish Christians, often used against each other or against the Jews and Roma, during Germany’s war with Poland
  4. Ghettoization/Jewish Councils & Police
  5. The fall of France and the Eintzgruppen as Hitler expanded throughout Europe

The reason I selected the German invasion of Poland as the first main event is because this invasion is the main focal point of chapter 5. The discussion of the invasion of Poland in chapter 5 explains how the occupation of Poland set the course for the events of re-settlement and mass violence to occur as the Germans would later expand occupation throughout the rest of Europe. It was in Poland that Hitler first began his attempts for a “Euthanasia” program (T-4) against disabled children and adults. This program encouraged “experimentation and rivalry” amongst the Nazis and leaders who were all running the program, and such rivalry would be used in the treatment of the Polish Christians and Jews, turning them against each other in order to invoke more violence without having the Nazis have to do all of the work. The conflict between Jewish Poles and ethnic/Christian Poles was incited by Soviet ties, and the rivalry of religion and ethnicity further emphasizes the contradictions Hitler used in his designations of the Polish people, and all victim groups of the Holocaust, to create mass hate and widespread violence. Such violence was often the Volksdeutschen against Jews and Poles, Poles against Jews and Roma, and Roma against Jews. Such hierarchies of power were also used in Jewish ghettos, as Jewish Councils and police forces were created to establish authority of select Jews over the entire ghetto to work and report for the Nazis. Lastly, in chapter 6, the fall of France is part of Hitler’s expansion of the rest of Europe, as previously occurred in Poland. Such mass violence and the German style of warfare as displayed in the occupation of these European countries was conducted by the Eintzgruppen, special killing groups, often of educated men, who collaborated with the German military to spread violence during national occupations.

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