What to you understand by the phrase “Source of law”?

(a)What to you understand by the phrase “Source of law”?
(b)Identify the various sources of law
(c)Distinguish between principal and subsidiary sources of law.

Write brief notes on:
(a)Islamic law
(b)Hindu law
(c)Types of jurisdiction.

(a)In what circumstance will a contract be vitiated by common mistake?

In relation to partnership law write explanatory notes on the following:
(i)Expulsion of a partner
(ii)Incapacities of an assignee Partner
(iii)Admission of a new partner
(iv)Circumstances in which a court may order the dissolution of a partnership.

Discuss the statutory Provisions governing occupiers liability in Kenya.

Discuss the contractual capacity of:
(a)Persons of unsound mind
(b)Undischarged bankrupts



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