What procedures are in place regarding transfer student-athletes

For this task, you will perform fieldwork. Hopefully, as noted early on in the course, you have established an appointment to meet with an athletic administrator who deals with the compliance operations, preferably in person, or by phone or email if in-person is not possible.

This week, you will interview an athletic department’s compliance officer or any other position responsible for the compliance operations at an institution.

Your interview should address the following components:

  • Six interview questions:
    1. Does your institution have a compliance website? If not, do you plan to have one in the future? If so, discuss what important pieces of information go into your compliance web site and why they are there. List their compliance website.
    2. Who certifies incoming student-athletes for your program?
    3. Discuss the compliance surrounding the recruiting process.
    4. What procedures are in place regarding transfer student-athletes?
    5. Who handles the following on your campus?
      • Scholarships: typing and checking to the NCAA equivalency limit. Does your institution use the actual method, average method or a combination of both.
      • Eligibility: Who works on final certification of student-athletes?
      • Grade checks: Is there a team that looks at grades of student-athletes to determine eligibility issues?
    6. Describe the methods used to notify student-athletes of the NCAA rules, their rights as student-athletes and the policies and procedures on student-athletes.
      (If a student-athlete policy and procedure manual is available, request if a copy for examination is permissible)
  • Develop an additional set of five questions that will be used to interview the desired individual in your geographic area.
  • Create a variety of alternative questions for your interviewee if your first set of questions is unable to be answered.
  • Be sure your questions are open-ended; avoid questions that generate one-word answers.
  • Provide support with clear justification and accurate rationale for the questions you developed as to why they are critical in the field of intercollegiate athletics.
  • Determine which literature assigned throughout the course is relevant to this interview and explain why.

If the officer provides attachments or links to you regarding compliance material, please include it in your document or in the references section of your paper.

Be sure to clearly state all findings from the interview while providing your views of the athletic department’s policies and procedures relevant to compliance.

Length: 10–12 pages

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