What is the probability that the person will purchase a car that averages less than 20 miles per gallon for in-city driving?

Descriptive Statistics & Probability


Descriptive Statistics and Probability


Complete the following questions in a 1-3 page document formatted per APA Requirements. Be sure to use Version 1 of Online Statistics: An Interactive Multimedia Course of Study.




•Lane, Chapter 5, exercises 13 & 25 (Coin, Insurance)


13. An unfair coin has a probability of coming up heads of 0.65. The coin is flipped 50 times. What is the probability it will come up heads 25 or fewer times? (Give answer to at least 3 decimal places). (relevant section)


25. An insurance company writes policies for a large number of newly-licensed drivers each year. Suppose 40% of these are low-risk drivers, 40% are moderate risk, and 20% are high risk. The company has no way to know which group any individual driver falls in when it writes the policies. None of the low-risk drivers will have an at-fault accident in the next year, but 10% of the moderate-risk and 20% of the high-risk drivers will have such an accident. If a driver has an at-fault accident in the next year, what is the probability that he or she is high-risk?




•Lane, Chapter 6, exercises 29 & 30 (Women, Automobile)

29. Heights of adult women in the United States are normally distributed with a population mean of μ  = 63.5 inches and a population standard deviation of σ  = 2.5.  A medical researcher is planning to select a large random sample of adult women to participate in a future study. What is the standard value, or z-value, for an adult woman who has a height of 68.5 inches?


30. An automobile manufacturer introduces a new model that averages 27 miles per gallon in the city. A person who plans to purchase one of these new cars wrote the manufacturer for the details of the tests, and found out that the standard deviation is 3 miles per gallon. Assume that in-city mileage is approximately normally distributed.


-What is the probability that the person will purchase a car that averages less than 20 miles per gallon for in-city driving?

– What is the probability that the person will purchase a car that averages between 25 and 29 miles per gallon for in-city driving

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