What is the most threatening issue in a flat world to your company?

Question descriptionNew York Times syndicated columnist Tom Friedman is one of the world’s best at identifying important trends regarding globalisation . Rather than have you read his book The World is Flat, view his presentation where he talked about globalisation and “flatteners” in the world today. (45 minutes). After viewing the video, respond to the questions below in memo format.

To: Tom Friedman, Columnist New York Times

From:[your name here]


Re: Answers to question about Tom Friedman’s presentation

1:What is the most threatening issue in a flat world to your company? (If you are not currently employed, think about a company of interest to you)

2:what are some of the marketing opportunities available to your company in a flat world? Give examples of what you mean.

3:What advice would you give to an American 18 years of age who wanted to thrive in a business career of the future? Be specific.

4:Pose a really good question relative to the topic for your peers to consider. Give your own answer to that question.

Note: Preface your response with the corresponding question numbers and questions.

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