What is stage 1 gender dysphoria and what is stage 2 gender dysphoria

There are two tasks here:


The first Article is on a Case called Whooten & Frost.
– this is to be 2.5 pages
– pick out the relevant sections and look deeper into what they mean

The second article is on a case called Re: Kelvin on Gender Dysphoria. i will also attach an article you can use (i have highlighted the main section in this article). with this case, you’ll need to do some research on gender dysphoria.
– what is gender dysphoria
– what is the cause and what is the treatment
– What is stage 1 gender dysphoria and what is stage 2 gender dysphoria etc

– this is to be 2.5 pages
– you will need to use only primary sources (mainly from Australia) for this please

Those are just guidelines, you will need some more headings. Always link it back to the case

NOTE; These are not case notes BUT rather articles

– I need you to cite which pages you get your information from, because last paper was a disappointment in that aspect.
– please also make sure your wording is good

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