What impact did Steve Jobs have on Apple and what did he bring, personally, to the organization? What was Steve Jobs

Effective incorporation of 

the data from the case study


A sophisticated understanding of the organisation.

Clearly outlines and integrates the key aspects of macro‐ and micro‐level attributes of Apple’s product innovation, people, and customer/market need.


Knowledge and understanding 

of appropriate theory



Systematically and critically discriminates between assertion of personal opinion and information substantiated by robust evidence from the research/course materials and extended reading. Integrates Apple’s


Synthesis of case study data 

and theory



Highly sophisticated and creative analysis of the approaches used.

Is able to link the approaches used and their impact on society.

Able to identify other organisations that may use these approaches to remain competitive.


Delivery of a professionally structured, written and presented documents





Expertly presented; the report is logical, persuasive, and well‐ supported by evidence

Demonstrates an excellent flow and professional approach to the investigation.

Extremely effective use of graphics and supporting data.

Engages and sustains the audience’s interest in the topic.

Clear line of reasoning and approach is expertly delivered.




  1. Outcomes:
  2. a) Differentiate between processes of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship
  3. b) Identify organizations that develop and foster processes, practices, and attributes for creativity and innovation
  4. d) Explain the implications for organizational culture, when developing a culture of creativity and / or innovation


  1. Context:

Innovation and creativity are growing in importance, within organizations pursuing excellence and growth, in a competitive business world. Organizations use different innovative methods and techniques to ensure a competitive advantage within their market place and meet their customer’s needs. This assessment will encourage students to explore methods and approaches undertaken by a leading organization and critique a global brand name. The aim of this assessment is to identify the success of Apple. Students will identify the attributes of the people, places, products and approaches that have made Apple the most valuable company in the world, with regards to market capitalization.


  1. Questions:

Students will review and critique the case study: Design Thinking and Innovation at Apple by Stefan Thomke and Barbara Feinberg (2012). It may be helpful to print the      case study and highlight useful sections and/or take notes as you read. The output will be a 1,200 words report that responds to the following four questions:


  • In the students view, how does innovation and strategy work together at Apple?


2) Identify the innovation approach Apple has successfully used to

identify customers’ needs, and how did it help them to stay ahead of the competition?


3) What role did Apple’s people have, in the company constantly coming up with innovative products, and how did the culture at Apple encourage / discourage them?


4) What impact did Steve Jobs have on Apple and what did he bring, personally, to the organization? What was Steve Jobs?


You have the option of undertaking further reading on Apple, if you wish, in order to enhance your analysis. Any additional reading must be properly referenced in your report

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