What do you understand by the term community participation in project management?

1.a) What do you understand by the term community participation in project management?
b) Using suitable examples, identify and discuss the various types of participation in project management in today”s world.
c) Critically discuss the role of community members in project management in modern world.

2. NACC has picked you as a facilitator of monitoring and evaluation training among their stakeholders. What do you think Will comprise your presentation on monitoring and evaluation of projects? Is monitoring and evaluation the same in project management? Discuss.

3. Using appropriate examples, critically discuss the cycle resultant principles of theory of management in project management. Does how the theory apply in most projects? Discuss.

4. Using ”Neti iliyotibiwa” (treated mosquito net) project as an example, illustrate the following:
a) Problem tree of the project
b) Objective tree of the project
c) Risk management matrix of the project

5. Resource schedule is a plan indicating the resources needed to undertake a given activity successfully and by extension the cost of such resources in any project. With this in mind, critically discuss steps adhered in resource scheduling.

6. In any project leadership plays a key role in ensuring the project succeeds. A project without a good leader is likely to fail. In line with this, discuss qualities of an effective project manager.

7. Decision making in any project is a choice taken after a careful thought or consideration. Usually the consideration is from among a number of alternatives. Discuss this in line with Plunket model of decision making in projects




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