What determines voter turnout in local elections?



An election refers to the formal process by which individuals in a population choose one of them to hold a public office. Elections facilitate the implementation of representative democracy in the modern times. Today corporations, private groups, voluntary associations, local governments, businesses and both national and international organizations hold elections to elect their leaders. Local elections in particular involve the election of a mayor who acts as the warden of the region, town or city. The municipal elections are deigned to be local though this where political careers are often made as shown by the examples of former French and Russian presidents who first served as mayors.

Voter turnout is a phrase that refers to the section of eligible voters who show up on the Election Day and cast their ballots. Voter turnout is usually expressed as a percentage of the total registered voters. Low figures of voter turnout percentages are conceived to be undesirable and therefore campaigns are usually conduced to try and increase it during the election nearing periods.

Voter turnouts is highly significant and usually influences the election results when certain blocks of voters than turn out at higher percentages than others. Low voter turnouts may be seen as indifference or disenchantment thus making the election to be an inaccurate reflection of the people’s will. However, if on the other hand it is seen to show that voters are contented with the likely winners then low voter turnout becomes equally legitimate to high voter turnout. In developed countries the young and the poor have lowest voter turnouts while the vice versa is true for developing countries. Groups that do not participate well in voting usually end up being underrepresented.

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