What are the sources of self concept?

1.a) How does the self concept develop?
b) What are the sources of self concept?
c) Discuss how people cope with their faults and inadequacies.

2. “Attitude formation may be an easy process but changing them is difficult”
a) Briefly describe how attitudes are formed.
b) How do attitudes influence behaviour?
c) Briefly discuss how attitudes can be changed.

3.a) What do you understand by the term “personal space”
b) Using relevant examples, discuss the importance of personal space in social psychology.

4.a) Distinguish the following words according to social psychology.
i) Love and liking
ii) Stereotype and prejudice
iii) Socialization and social interaction
b) Discuss mate selection according to the following schools of thought.
i) Evolutionary perspective
ii) Sociocultural







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