What are the functions of water in the body?

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Answer the questions below in at least 50 words each, explaining the basic functions and sources of minerals and water in the body. Include what you learned about minerals, water, and dehydration from the article.

Include an APA cover page and reference page. Include cited material from two different sources in this assignment, one of which must be your course text.

Provide responses to the following:

1-Discuss one major OR one minor mineral. State its functions, sources and deficiency conditions.

2-Research information about one of the following: osteoporosis, anemia or iodine deficiency disorders. For your selection, indicate symptoms, required minerals and food sources, people or areas affected, and how the disease is managed or treated.

3-What are the functions of water in the body?

4- What is the signs and symptoms of dehydration on the body?

Include a minimum of two references (corresponding to the citations) in APA format.

The Grading Guide for Mineral and Water Function Essay will be used for this assignment.

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