Use an appropriate literary theory to analyze a narrative

Use an appropriate literary theory to analyze one or more of the narratives studied this term. Acceptable literary theories for this paper are as follows: Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality; Marxist; Psychoanalysis (or Psychological); New Historicist; Postcolonial.

You must have a minimum of three (3) pieces of research, not counting your primary sources, and

one of these must be from a peer-reviewed scholarly journal. Wikipedia sources are not acceptable, nor are CliffsNotes or Coles Notes or Sparknotes or any other such nonsense! Weak research will result in a low grade. Having no research will result in a failing grade.


Type and double-space the essay in 12-font Times New Roman or Calibri on 8 ½ x 11 white paper—single sided. Begin with a stimulating introduction, and end with a substantial conclusion.. Grammar and mechanics must be excellent. Document your sources carefully.


1.Avoid creating a “so what?” thesis. Example: There are lots of symbols in “The Fall of the House of Usher.” Well, so what?

2.Create a clear, intelligent, underlined thesis statement, and prove your thesis.

3.Essays that are grammatically and mechanically weak will be heavily penalized.

4.Do not plagiarize. Forms of academic fraud include improper, missing, or made-up bibliographic information, passing off others’ work as your own, turning in the same assignment for more than one class, and collaborative efforts when individual work is required. ALL forms of academic dishonesty are prohibited. Please note that MLA eighth edition parenthetical documentation is the only acceptable documentation for this essay.

5.Remember! If a source appears in the Works Cited, it must also be cited in the body of the essay and vice versa.

6.Enclose direct quotations in quotation marks—unless they are long quotations—and reference them with a page number. If no page number is available, provide a proper location. Paraphrases in MLA also require a page number or some other logical reference point.

7.Hand in a Works Cited page (automatic failure if you don’t).

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