unit 4 — Final

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Background and Overview

Upper management has decided that they will allow all employees to use their smartphones and other mobile devices for company business, thus allowing the BYOD option. As the CISO, it is your job to create a comprehensive solution to address all security concerns related to BYOD.

  1. Consider this section of the project as a continuation of the work you did for the project in unit 3.
  2. Executive advisory reports (EARs) are prepared for executive-level managers to provide them with recommendations based on analyses. They are intended as an aid to decision-making by managers and could also be described as the most important part of a business plan.
  3. For your course project, you will develop EARs to give information and recommendations about wireless security to upper management. You will write these EARs from the perspective of you being the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of a large company, informing upper management of security vulnerabilities, suggesting policies and procedures, and recommending security measures related to wireless networking and device management. These EARs will also include technical details contained in notes of the reports. Each unit will cover a different issue that needs to be addressed. By the end of this course, you will have addressed all the major elements involved in wireless and cellular security management.


Prepare an EAR as a 15 – 20 slide PowerPoint presentation for executive-level management in which you describe how to secure this wide-scale BYOD implementation.

  • Now that you have highlighted the vulnerabilities and insecurities that will be introduced by a wide-scale BYOD implementation (in unit 3 project), how do you plan to secure the environment from possible breaches and other security incidents?
  • Describe all security practices, technologies, and policies needed to adequately secure BYOD devices for this company. What technologies, policies, and procedures will you suggest to address the mobile device insecurities?
  • Your recommendations should be based on mobile device security best practices and the latest technologies.
  • Be sure to address how you might differentiate the mobile device security solutions for different departments within the company.
  • Be sure to include the approximate cost of your recommendation, along with any technology complications, and any residual risk or concerns you have about the solution.
  • Elaborate and explain each slide in the Notes pane, including providing technical details in sufficient detail that IT staff would understand what is involved in the security solution and how it adequately addresses the known vulnerabilities.
  • Provide sources and data to support your findings, which may include relevant statistics, current research, reputable news articles, etc. Sources can be in the slides or in the notes, whichever is most appropriate for the research you are using.
  • Be sure to specifically address all security issues you presented to management in the unit 3 project, and any other vulnerabilities or issues of which you have become aware.

Requirements: 15-20

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