Truth and Lies Narrative Assignment

Truth and Lies Narrative Assignment

In this assignment, I would like to assess your current writing ability through a three-paragraph narrative. That means you are going to tell the reader a story. This essay will be about the nature of truth an lies in your life, and you will describe a situation about when you faced a dilemma: Did you tell the truth, or did you lie in this situation? This will be due bySunday August 30th by 11:59pm. Here is a paragraph-by-paragraph breakdown:

Paragraph 1: Situation 

Describe a situation wherein you could either lie or tell the truth. This scenario could be about a time in the past, a time recently, or whenever you would like to describe. You must write in 1st person in this assignment, and this situation/ story paragraph should be about five to seven sentences long. In the intro paragraph, do NOT reveal what your choice was (truth or lie). You will reveal that in the next paragraph. For the intro, just describe the events leading up to the choice.   While writing this story, think about the following:

  • Where did this event happen?
  • When did this happen?
  • Who else was involved in this truth dilemma? (Was it a parent, friend, relative, stranger, authority figure)
  • What happened in this event? What actions lead up to you either telling the truth or lying?

Paragraph two: What did you choose? Truth or lie?

In the second paragraph, your topic sentence (first sentence) should tell the reader what you chose: did you tell the truth, or did you lie? For the rest of the paragraph, provide reasons for your choice: why did you decide to tell the truth or lie in this given situation? 

Paragraph three: Consequences

Describe the fallout from your decision. If you told the truth, were you glad you did, or was it painful? If you told a lie, did you get caught? Or did you get away with it? If you did get away with it do you regret it? Did it have an effect on others?

Once you write about the consequences of your choice, make a general stance about your life: do you feel like you should always tell the truth, or is it best to lie in certain situations? 

Submission Details

Submit as a document

  • Please upload a .doc or a .pdf to submit the assignment. “File upload” is the Submission Type for this assignment. 
  • This assignment will be due by Sunday August 30th by 11:59pm.
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