Travel Project Data

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Click the link below to download the travel project data document which you will use to complete this part of the course project.

Travel Project Data

  1. Replace the information in brackets <> with the city you used for your travel project and James Student with your first and last names.
  2. Create a table with 4 columns and 6 rows.
  3. Add the following information: Row 1, Column 1: Travelers for <city> Trip.
  4. In Row 2, type each of the following into a cell: Name, # of Travelers, Total Cost, Down Payment. At this point your table should look like this:

table image

  1. Continue entering the table data:

    Row 3: John Jones, 3, 7500, 2500
    Row 4: Terry Jones, 2, 5000, 2000
    Row 5: Ed Murphy, 2, 7500, 1000
    Row 6: Mary Harman, 1, 2500, 1000

  1. Merge the first row over all the columns.
  2. Center the second row.
  3. Select the table and add the Lite Shade Accent 2 Table Style.
  4. Delete the red instructions above the table.
  5. Under the second red line, create a chart using the following information:

    Series: # Trips, # Travelers, # Insured
    Category 1: Chicago, 3, 9, 2
    At this point, your data should look like this:

XL sheet with travel data

  1. Continue adding the chart data:

    New York, 4, 20, 5
    New Orleans 2,18,7
    Orlando, 6, 25, 8

  1. Sometimes the chart that is created will have a place holder for the chart title. If you see Chart Title at the top, select the wording and type: Travel Information. (If your chart does not have Chart Title at the top, that’s fine. Continue to the next step.)
  2. Delete the red line above the chart.
  3. Using the Format Painter, use the Sally Jones line format to match the next four lines.
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