Transformational Change Management Plan

Theories of Change Management (200-400 words)


Discuss at least 3 theories of change management (eg. Kotter, Lewin, Nadler, action research, and appreciative inquiry).


Include specific pros and cons of each.


What is the best way to ensure the implementation of an organizational change?


Communication Plan (100-150 words):


•What stakeholders require communication?


•What will be communicated to them?


•Who will send the communication?


•What communication medium will be used?




Part B


Create the following new material for Week 5:


•Week 5: Implementation Plan (400-600 words)


Include the following context in the implementation plan: A.Major implementation steps


B.Key criteria for success


C.Summary of Weeks 1-5


D.Rollout: Any risk considerations to the implementation




Part C


Key Assignment Final Draft


The key assignment final draft should include a comprehensive transformational change management plan


Transformational Change Management Plan


Submit your finalized Plan components I-IV.


: Introduction  (attached)


: What is driving the need for this transformational change?  (attached)


Theories of Change Management


: Communication Plan


: Implementation Plan




Must have 8 scholarly references


Be in correct APA format

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