Topics for which there is a good debate among academics regarding Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”

a. Maximum 1250 words (5 pages of normal, double-spaced typed pages – other
formats could be different)
b. Hard copy delivered directly to the teacher on or before the due date
c. Use MLA “Works Cited” and in-text citation (as required by your choices)
d. Ensure your work is original, independent and engaging
e. Include an introduction/précis (150 words) that explains your vision and
rationale for your selection of the topic
f. Please print this rubric as your title page.

Task: Research Paper. Choose a topic for which there is a good debate among
academics regarding Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. You will use only peer-reviewed
academic writings from from the likes of J-STOR or EBSCO. Refer to the rubric for full expectations.

Note by me: I’m not sure if the writer will be able to access J-STOR or EBSCO. Please double check it because the whole essay will be based on those sources.




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