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CC202 Writing Assignment

You have been appointed the new Criminal Profiler for the Ontario Provincial Police. As part of your duties you have been asked to undertake a brief case study of a serial murderer(s) that you will provide to the Chief Investigative Officer.

Your assignment is to write a five page case study of a serial murderer.

Your case study must draw upon at least 3 scientific criminology articles selected from criminology journals to aid in your explanation of the killer’s actions. You may use more sources BUT ENSURE YOU HAVE THREE CRIMINOLOGY ARTICLES..THEY SHOULD ALSO BE RELATIVELY RECENT ARTICLES (NOT FROM THE 1970S, 1980S ETC.) You should develop both a psychological profile of the individual as well as a theoretical explanation of their behaviour. You will need to read an overview of the case. There are a number of books on each of the killer(s) as well as academic texts and books which provide an overview of the cases.

The case study must not be a recitation of gory acts. Assume the reader is familiar with these details of the case. When it is essential to understanding the murderer or making a significant point such details may be used sparingly.

Assignment is to be 5 pages long, double spaced, typed, 12 font, times new roman. All assignments must be properly stapled when handed in. Ensure your name and student number appear on the cover page of the assignment.

You must use at least 3 scientific, academic criminology journal articles to support your argument. You may use ADDITIONAL MATERIALS, BUT THESE MUST BE IN ADDITION TO THE 3 ARTICLES. These are articles drawn from criminology journals. If you do not understand what an academic journal is, ask the Graduate Assistant! Examples include Deviant Behavior, The Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice, The British Journal of Criminology etc. The journals you select must be criminological in their focus! They must not be summaries from texts, book reviews, articles written by organizations etc.

If you are quoting the law, please put it in an additional appendix at the end of your case study, NOT IN THE BODY!

Quotations should be no more than 2 lines long. Quotations are not a substitute for written work. Quotations longer than 2 lines must be indented and singled spaced. Use quotations sparingly.

1. This is not an opinion piece…it must be based upon the best available scientific studies you can find.
2. You must provide proper citations for your work.
3. Acquaint yourself with the rules on plagiarism. All written assignments may be required to be emailed to turn-it-in to check for plagiarism as per university regulations

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