This is a touchy subject for everyone.

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First, I would like to say I am pro-life. I do not know of any situation that calls for abortion. I am aware others have a different opinion. This is a touchy subject for everyone. Secondly, I do not believe life should be created for sole purpose of science. With that said, in cases like IVF, and more than one are usually always available, I can see using this for the purpose of science, which may be a cure for a common disease. I also feel that through the aborted fetus, if it is going to continue to be legal, then I would say, yes it should be okay to use for the greater good, in this case, science. There are several moral and ethical issues that are dancing around with this post, that I have not really put a lot of thought in before. I have my moral and ethical beliefs, while I feel I am correct, does not mean I am. I think if family consents to their miscarried infants or still born infants to be used for the greater good of society and science, then I do not see any ethical issue with it, as it is not produced for this purpose. I think it falls in the same category as donating ones body to science after they are deceased. I am not sure I personally would consent but I do not think it would awful if others did. Strict laws and guidelines would have to be placed so this did not become a crutch for money making on women who would get pregnant to gain from an abortion.

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