Thematic analysis

1. Discussion on ontology and epistemology
The discussion of the approaches to ontology and epistemology needs some attention. i.e. realist ontologies are much more than about ‘cause-effect’ relationships, they pertain to assumptions about the nature of reality, the extent to which it can be observed. Measured etc. The discussion as it is in problematic. Discussion about the difference between qualitative and quantitative research problematic. Need rewritten.
It is not grounded theory. Use thematic analysis. Provide a more appropriate explanation for study design and execution. Need to drop the claim that you are undertaking a grounded theory approach, and reframe the study as abductive in nature (I am not sure if abductive relevant to be used if the new data analysis method is thematic analysis as suggested by the reviewer). This will also require a substantial revision of your explication of your methodological paradigm, notably with regard to your ontological and epistemological stance, and your approach to sampling and analysis. You also need to be more judicious with your use of terms that are more often associated with positivist ontologies, given your putative ontological stance, which is located within constructivism

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