the symmetric multiprocessing configurations.

Answer the following questions:

1. Describe context-switching in a common, real-life example, and identify the “process” information that needs to be saved, changed, or updated when context-switching takes place.

2. Five jobs (A, B, C, D, E) are already in the READY queue waiting to be processed. Their estimated CPU cycles are respectively: 2, 10, 15, 6, and 8. Using SJN, in what order should they be processed?  Explain your answer.

3. Describe the advantages of having a separate queue for a Print I/O interrupt and for a Disk I/O interrupt as discussed in Lecture 4’s “Example: Job and Process State Transition”.

4. Compare the processors’ access to main memory for the loosely coupled configuration and the symmetric multiprocessing configurations. Give a real-life example (not from lecture or textbook!) where the symmetric configuration might be preferred.

5. Describe the programmer’s role when implementing explicit parallelism.

6. Give a real-life example (not from lecture or textbook!) of busy-waiting.

7. Compare and contrast multiprocessing and concurrent processing.  Describe the role of process synchronization for both systems.

8. Describe the purpose of a buffer and give an example from your own experience (not from lecture or textbook!) where its use clearly benefits system response.

9. Give an original “real life” example (not related to a computer system environment, not discussed in our textbook or in lecture) of each of these concepts: deadlock, starvation, and race.

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