the role the drug war has played in sentencing criminal defendants

intro essay 2


Answer 4 out of the 7 following questions in their entirety (use the information on your text book but MUST also apply critical thinking to elaborate). Although quality is more important than quantity, your total response for all questions should not be less than 4 pages (about a page each). Double space and 12 point font.. There should not be extra spaces or responses shorter than the minimum requirement.

Be sure to provide examples, critical issues within these topics, etc.


  1. Describe the evolution of policing in American society.
  2. Describe the difference between reactive and proactive policing.
  3. Describe the role social class plays in court processing of criminal defendants.
  4. Define “courtroom workgroup” and identify the major actors and their responsibilities.
  5. Diagram (not literally, but in writing) and describe the criminal court structure in the United States.
  6. Describe why some researchers argue that the bail system is inherently discriminatory.


  1. Describe the role the drug war has played in sentencing criminal defendants

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