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i need a crititcal reflection done from a post that i will attach.

Please stick to the grading criteria.

You are asked to critically reflect on the Hypothetical in light of the key themes covered in the Preparatory Module and the Conference, and on your own role in the Hypothetical.

Before submitting your reflection, take the opportunity to try out a reflection on the FLO discussion forum, or at the Hypothetical.

Your reflection will be marked according to the criteria listed below.

Hypothetical and academic knowledge
Reflect on two main learnings from the hypothetical that made you rethink the academic literature you have read and the presentations you have heard at the conference. You may also want to think about how the hypothetical picked up on some academic perspectives more than others, and why this may have been?
Maximum mark
20 / 20
Ethical challenges and dilemmas related to policy interventions
What ethical or moral issues have been raised by the policy issues discussed at the conference and in the readings, and how policy actors take responsibility for them? How is this affecting your perspective on those issues?
Maximum mark
20 / 20
ethical challenges raised by the hypothetical
Has the hypothetical raised any ethical challenges? What kinds, and how did your group address them? If your group didn’t address them, why do you think you didn’t?
Maximum mark
20 / 20
honest reflection on your role in the hypothetical
Try to reflect honestly about how you dealt with the challenges you encountered during the hypothetical (eg, communication in your group, role and task distribution, conflict about the course of action, dissenting views, dominant group members, etc.). Also include any aspects you would approach differently, or in the same way, if presented with this type of scenario in the future.
Maximum mark
30 / 30
the hypothetical and the real world
how realistic has the hypothetical been for you, and what made it so? you may also like to reflect on how the hypothetical could be improved.
Maximum mark

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