The organizational BI proposal design

Submit an outline of your Portfolio Project. Before you begin, it will be to your benefit to review the Functional Requirement Document available in the module section as it will help you organize for your portfolio project.

Submission Requirements:

Review the requirements of the project in Module 8 and complete an outline that meets the following criteria:

Be sure to use your instructor’s feedback in the final version of the Portfolio Project assignment.

Portfolio project:

Organizations race to unlock the value in the vast amount of data their business produces. Propose a business intelligence solution that helps solve the challenges associated with large amounts different types of data, from a variety of sources for the hypothetical organization indicated below.

The organization has the following characteristics:

  • Is global
  • Has multiple websites in 20 different languages
  • Lists more than 50,000 products
  • Has 1,100 offices worldwide
  • Plans to expand to an additional 2,000 locations in the immediate future

The organizational BI proposal design must address the characteristics mentioned above, as well as the following:

  • Provide massive computing and analytics capabilities
  • Supply an easy-to-use user interface
  • Provide scalable and secure systems
  • Promote fast communication and collaboration capabilities
  • Analyze high volumes of data
  • Receive data from connected devices
  • Reduce infrastructure costs
  • Interconnect with a data warehouse
  • Deliver Cloud-based access


Your proposed BI system must be presented in a Functional Requirements Document that describes every section how this proposed BI system must work.

Your document must include:

  • Introduction (such as: purpose, scope, system description, points of contact, document references, and glossary)
  • Assumptions and constraints
  • Context
  • Specific function related requirements for how the system will work and its features
  • Interface requirements (a dashboard layout design) that demonstrates how this BI system would operate and what it might look like
  • Data requirements
  • Operational requirements
  • User permissions and modes of operation
  • Tools and environments necessary for use
  • Users access and interactions
  • Technologies and tools that are needed to integrate to the proposed BI system
  • An explanation of how—and what—will be needed to have a secure and scalable BI system
  • Detailed information about the overall purposed BI design with diagrams(s) of components connections and data flow
  • Outline detailed information on how this BI system can be used by all within the organization from any place
  • Incorporate a collaboration and communication system
  • Include information on approach(s) to reduce infrastructure costs
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