the need to increase organizational efficiency and effectiveness

1. Managers are important in setting the ethical tone for employees. If you work for unethical manager, chances are you may eventually feel some pressure to act in ways that you consider unethical. Suppose that you suspect that your boss is not completely honest when reporting the sales figures for your unit. What would you do?

2. Discuss in what ways are Weber”s and Fayol”s ideas about bureaucracy and administration similar. In what ways do they differ?

3. Explain the principles of job specialization and division of Labour and tell why the study of person-task relationships is central to the pursuit of increased efficiency.

4.a) Examine the results of the experiment in the relay assembly test room at Hawthorne.
b) What were the main observations made in the bank wiring room at Hawthorne.

5. One way to simplify your approach to ethical decision making is to consider whether an action is legal or illegal. Is this a good approach to ethical conduct? Explain.

6. You have been asked to address a local business group on the subject of the contingency view point of management. Prepare an outline of your talk.

7.a) Describe how the need to increase organizational efficiency and effectiveness has guided the evolution of management theory.
b) What challenges face employees who are trying to implement aspects of the behavioral view point in an organization?




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