The Myths of Black Aggression

Question description

Please note that each of my annotations is missing at least three of the seven required pieces of information listed on the assignment sheet — make sure you add the missing information when revising.

Here is the seven required pieces

  1. The category of the source (the genre and type of source – see the categories below).
  2. A brief summary of the source’s thesis or purpose (do not copy from an abstract – write this yourself).
  3. A quick list of the author’s key points, highlighting key phrases and concepts (write this yourself). This should add specificity to the summary that you have provided in #2.
  4. How (specifically) this source can be useful to you – i.e., what it offers that may be useful for understanding the subject, exploring the surrounding conversations, and writing about the subject in general.
  5. A consideration of the limitations of this source – how might the value or your use of this source be limited by its content, approach, or other factors (like publication date, scope or focus, etc.)?
  6. Contextual information – the biography or credentials of the author, the expertise or reputation of the publication (for a journal or magazine, etc.), and/or how it contributes to an existing conversation.

7) Two or three quotations that you find particularly interesting or potentially useful.

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