The mission statement.

Write a center philosophy that includes a mission statement and short and long term program goals.

The mission statement should be 1 or 2 sentences, the Philosophy should be 1-2 paragraphs and you need at least 3 of each type of goal. A short term goal is measurable and achievable within 6 months. Long term goals must also be measurable and concrete but may take up to 5 years to accomplish. Label each part and write your answer underneath the heading. You should have 4 headings.

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Business Proposal/Critical Thinking

1. BP Proposal: Your Start- Up Business For this class, you will be ‘starting’ a business of your choosing, so you must decide what business you are interested in and….

Relevant application of concepts to professional and personal life,

INSTRUCTIONS Each week, you will post a Summary of topics learned, objectives achieved and your personal conclusions as to the practical relevance of the subject material covered. The Summary is….

broblom solving and Decision making

*Introduction about broblom solving and Decision making *Q1: significence of work teams in Organization *Q2: with 1-2 Organizational / business examples for each, explain the following: # problem solving teams…..