the millennial reign of Christ


  1. According to the presentations, “docetics,” from the Greek word meaning “to seem,” denied the full humanity of Christ arguing that he only “seemed” to be human.
  2. According to the presentations, the theory that the Johannine writings are the product of a “Johannine community” of disciples of the apostle John is attributed to
  3. According to the presentations, the millennial reign of Christ is mentioned in every chapter of the book of Revelation.
  4. According to Elwell, both Peter and Paul likely were martyred during the persecution of Christians by the Roman emperor Domitian.
  5. According to the presentations, 1 Peter 3:17-20 is alluded to in which ancient creed?
  6. According to the presentations, the message of the book of Revelation is “in the end, God wins!”
  7. According to the presentations, none of the Johannine Epistles employs the dualistic imagery of the Gospel of John, such as light/dark, truth/lies, etc.
  8. According to Elwell, an important idea in 1 Peter is the concept of the Christian as pilgrim in this world.
  9. According to the presentations, Gnostics tended to treat the body in one of two ways: asceticism or libertinism.
  10. According to Elwell, 1 Peter claims to have been written from “Babylon,” likely a code word for Rome.
  11. According to Elwell, which of John’s letters is addressed to a certain “Gaius?”
  12. According to Elwell, John likely died on the island of Patmos.
  13. According to Elwell, the most likely date for the book of Revelation is during the persecution of the Emperor Nero.
  14. According to the presentations, some scholars believe 1 Peter 3:17-20 to be an early baptismal formula which pictures Christ, during the three days in the grave, descending into hell to preach to the disobedient spirits in Noah’s day.
  15. According to Elwell, universalism is the view that ultimately everything and everyone will be saved, even Satan, his angels, and demons.
  16. According to Elwell, which of John’s writings resembles more a small treatise or tract?
  17. According to Elwell, in the book of Revelation, John’s favorite expression to describe Jesus is “the Lamb.”
  18. According to the presentations, the denial of the return of Christ and the final judgment led false teachers in 2 Peter to advocate for unrestrained freedom.
  19. According to the presentations, which of the following is not one of the interpretive approaches applied to the book of Revelation?
  20. According to Elwell, the images John used in the book of Revelation would have been just as unfamiliar to the people of his day as to us.
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