The Major Challenges of Innovation

In order to understand the existence of the delicate balance between innovation and ethics, there is the need to understand the context of 3D printing. One major challenge with innovation is the patenting of new concepts (Kinsley, 2014). In relation to this, 3D printing involves the production of materials of any shape or description from a 3D printer. As such, many products will originate from 3D printing and they will affect various sectors of the global economy. This scenario means that there will be a need for numerous laws that govern such innovations, cutting across all sectors where 3D printing can work (Kinsley, 2014). Any consumer or producer can go ahead to produce a replica of any item that already has a patent. With such possibilities, it then becomes tough to control the production of items using this technology. Therefore, there is the need to have a strategic plan that will make it possible for organizations to guard perfectly against unethical behavior in relation with 3D printing.

The fact that anyone can copy a product and print it through the 3D printing technology has led to a number of court cases based on patents. Original patent owners go to court in protest when other companies print their originally patented products (Kinsley, 2014). It is then the work of the authorities to determine the route taken in terms of dealing with such complicated cases based on patents. For instance, it is important for the organization to determine whether it is appropriate for individuals to produce 3D printed products, or whether other parties can undertake mass production of such products through the 3D printing option (Scott, 2015). It is significant to note that products are different in terms of their sensitivity and their cost of production. Such factors will determine the risks incurred when a company allows another party to print its patented items. For this reason, there is the need for a clear strategy that guides when or whether it is possible for third parties to carry out 3D printing of patented materials.

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