The Innovator’s Dilemma.

You will write a report after reading The Innovator’s Dilemma WRITING YOUR REPORT: You must submit either a Word document or a Google document (please do not send an Apple .pages file) Write at least your name and the date at the top of the first page; OR create a separate cover page. 1.5 or double spacing and at least 11-point font that is easy to read. CRITICAL REQUIREMENTS: After reading the entire book, answer these questions: Name AND explain five (5) key points that YOU see as the MOST VALUABLE in this book. Each key point MUST be explained from your OWN perspective with KEY WORDS from the book to ensure your instructor knows that you understand what you are writing. Maximum of 1 key point from any 1 chapter. Again, the 5 key points are about YOU and WHY YOU see them as valuable. Be specific and detailed in your explanations. Do NOT copy and paste from the book. Now, explain HOW YOU would USE the concepts and knowledge shared in the book to be successful in your OWN business -OR- in working for another business. Go past simplistic answers and dive into how you could use the book’s wisdom. Whether you work for a small, medium, or large corporation, or start your own business, HOW will you USEthe book’s wisdom to be successful? Explain AT LEAST 5 ways YOU will USE the book’s knowledge to be successful. Do NOT copy and paste from the book. Lastly, research the internet and find 3 Articles or Videos that support the 5 or more ways you will use the book’s knowledge. Simply, find articles and videos that relate directly to the 5 ways you will use the book’s wisdom to be successful. Again, Articles and Videos MUST relate directly. Ensure website addresses to the articles and videos are selectable (active). Report is at least 750 words; there is no maximum. Report includes all references cited at the end of the report on a separate page. All URLs (website addresses) must be selectable (active). Citations are MORE than just website URLs. At least the author, date, and website address at minimum is required (this is not a complete citation, yet meets minimum requirements) Grammar, spelling, and sentence structure is highly important. Writing well is vital to your career and business success.

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Case study Analysis( paper)- Prime Bank of Massachusetts

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