the future of correction facilities

The Future of Corrections (Prof Samuel)

For this assignment, write a 2-3 page essay that describes the future of corrections implications. This includes dilemmas faced by corrections; trends in corrections, and challenges for the future of corrections. Select four of the areas below to discuss and include your conclusion for the future of corrections.

  • Dilemmas: Mission, methods, structure, personnel, and costs.
  • Trends: evidence-based practice, techno-corrections, falling crime rates, and professionalism.
  • Challenges: Reinvigorate a new correctional leadership, refocus our investments in ‘What works,’ and reclaim the moral and ethical high road.

Use a minimum of two references which can include the course textbook, to support your views and opinions. Note the 2–3 pages of content does not include the cover page and reference page.

USE ONLY ACADEMIC SOURCES: Use Google Scholar, JSTOR, textbooks, and/or .gov websites to keep the true academic sources in your papers. TURNITIN MUST BE UNDER 20%

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