The Crime and Fear of technology: Prevention and Innovation for the 21st Century.

Paper Writing Guidelines


  1. Never assume the reader has any knowledge of your topic. Inform them.


  1. Stimulate Critical Thinking! Carefully consider the meaning or impact of your sentences.


  1. Your TOPIC shall be a selection of a particular crime or policing trend to include facts and

circumstances of the problem, its prevention, and innovative ideas for controlling it in the future.


  1. Your TITLE must be:

The Crime and Fear of _____________:  Prevention and Innovation for the 21st Century.

NOTE:  Any deviation from this title must be specifically approved by the instructor.

Title page should include:  “Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for:”

Class Section, your name, Spring/Fall, year.


  1. Papers should BEGIN with a brief introductory section that introduces your topic and ideas.

Papers should END with a conclusion which summarizes your major arguments. The last page must be a properly structured and accurate bibliographical references page.


  1. Issues should be integrated, although it may be useful to have several sections within the

paper corresponding to the following questions: (this is just helpful suggestions)


  1. What is the social problem? What causes it, what does the data show, what effects it and

what prevents it?  What are the variables?

  1. B) Who does the problem affect? Who are the victims (primary and secondary) and who

are the perpetrators?  Who can impact the problem – positively or negatively?

  1. When does the problem occur and when does the Justice system usually intervene?

When should the Justice System intervene?  Should it?  (Who should?)

  1. Where does the problem occur? Where can it be impacted/ (i.e. Prevented)?
  2. How does the problem occur? How do we manage or prevent it in the future?
  3. Why is it a problem, and why should we work to solve it in the future? Should we?
  4. Future directions should be to _____________________________________(do what?)


  1. Papers should reflect your best effort inasmuch as you put thought, time, background reading,

and organization into your written argument.  Quality work need not include lengthy verbiage.  Please give thought to what you write.  PROOF READ!!!!







  1. No Separate Title Page.
  2. Non-computer generated 12 pt. font, double spaced, numbered, one inch margin pages.
  3. Non-stapled, non-plain paper cover. (Simply staple paper together left corner & turn in.)
  4. Failure to PROOF-READ leaving incorrect spelling, grammar, etc.
  5. Failure to use and properly document (footnote) sources and ideas of others and Failure to use correct footnote/bibliography methods.
  6. Inadequate understanding of the topic.
  7. Information sources other than class materials, books, professional journals and qualified sources, including web sites.
  8. Any direct quotations not in quotation marks. Internet resources not properly documented.
  9. Any Late Work – 1 Letter grade off for each day late.


Submitting the work or words of another as your own, or submitting one’s own work from a  previous class without proper attribution or approval constitutes an honor code violation.  Intention to deceive the instructor is not required.  Improperly cited work will result in a failing grade on this assignment. 


This work must be unique and your own, not duplicated or re-used previous work.


Refer to your syllabus for more information about this written assignment.




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http:// www.


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