Take several screenshots of the following steps

Take a screenshot of each step as you complete it.

1. Use your web browser to go to www.macrium.com.

2.Under Download Trial click Home.


4.Save the file to the desired location and then launch the program.

5.In the Macrium Reflect Download Agent click Trial software

6.Click Download.

7.Install this program onto your computer by accepting the default settings.

8.Launch Macrium Reflect.

9.If you are asked Do you want to create Rescue Media Now? Click No.

10.In the left pane click Create an image of the partition(s) required to backup and restore Windows.

11.The Disk Image dialog box appears. Select the location to store the backup. You can- not store the backup on the same hard drive that you are creating the image on; you must store it on another hard drive in that computer or on an external USB hard drive. Under Destination select the appropriate location. Click Next.

12.Do not edit the plan for the backup. Click Next.

13.Click Finish.

14.if necessary, click Run this backup now and then click OK to begin the backup. Note that, depending on the size of the data to be backed up and the speed of the computer, it will take several minutes to perform the backup.

  • o A) Use research to find the purpose of the Project/Program. Write a paragraph to state its intended purpose
  • o B) Check out Reviews posted on the internet regarding its intended purpose, ease of use, and security impacts. What is the public consensus, positive vs. negative?
  • o C) Will you use this security feature going forward and/or recommend it to associates? Why or Why Not?
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