Supply Chain Management


  • Operations and Supply Chain Management, Ch. 4: Project Management



  • Operations and Supply Chain Management, Ch. 25: Operations Consulting




  • Supply Chain Management Video Lecture Series


 Supply Chain Management Video Lecture Series

Watch the “Project Management” section of the “Supply Chain Management Video Lecture Series” tutorial.


Supply Chain Management Video Lecture Series



  • Project Management

Project Management

Which of the phases of project management would you consider the key for a project’s success?  Please discuss how you might apply these techniques to your own work environment.  Please provide an example and discuss the impact of using the techniques.    Could you use these concepts in your personal life as well? 



  • Program Plans

Program Plans

Communications is an integral part of all of the operations – what should be included in the communication plan for a program?  Why or why not.  Should communications with suppliers or customers be part of the plan – why or why not.  What would be the role of the program manager in the program communications?

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