Strategic Use of Technology

Strategic Use of Technology 

A. Organizational Strategy – In this section, you should clearly present – at a broad level – what MTC’s organizational strategy is (refer to case study information), then what issues the current manual hiring process may present that interfere with achieving that strategy, and how improving the hiring process will benefit MTC and support its business strategy. (Use two to three strong sentences that explain how the system would support the strategy and justify your position with specifics from the Case Study.)  

B. Competitive Advantage – First, provide an overview of the competitive environment that MTC is currently operating in based on information from the case study. Then explain how and why MTC can use the new hiring system to increase its competitive advantage. Your explanation should demonstrate your understanding of what competitive advantage is as well as how improving the hiring process will help achieve MTC’s competitive advantage. Include how MTC can use the type of data/information that will be in the hiring system for strategic advantage. (Paragraph of 4-5 sentences)

Strategic Objectives– Review the four Strategic Goals presented in the Strategic Business Plan section of the MTC Case Study. The CIO has asked you to come up with an example of an objective to meet each goal and explain how a new hiring system would help achieve that objective. As you can see from the example provided in the table below, an objective is a statement that is clear (not vague) and is something that can be measured or evaluated to determine whether it has been met or not. An important part of setting goals is that they are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound). In order to evaluate whether a goal has been achieved, it’s important to be able to measure it. Consider this difference – Student wants to get a degree (non-specific and not measurable) vs. Student wants to earn a degree in Information Systems Management by May 2020. (This goal provides specific what and when.)  First, insert an introductory opening sentence for this table. Then, for each of the rows listed below, complete the table with the requested information. (Provide an introductory sentence and copy the table. Create    

A. an Objective for each of the 3 remaining Goals and explain using 2-3 complete sentences for each.) This is not about an objective to implement a hiring system or broad business goals but rather the focus is on objectives that would be supported by the use of a technology solution to support/improve the hiring process. 

Strategic   Goal

(from case study)


(clear, measurable and time-bound)


(2-3 sentences)

Increase MTC Business   Development by winning new contracts in the areas of IT Consulting

Build a cadre of consultants   internationally to provide remote research and analysis support to MTC’s   onsite teams in the U. S.

EXAMPLE PROVIDED – (Retain text but remove this   label and gray shading in your report)

Increase international recruiting   efforts and employ 5 research analysts in the next 12 months. 

The new hiring system would allow applicants from   around the world to apply online, increasing the number of international   applicants. It would enable the   recruiters to carefully monitor the applications for these positions,   identify the necessary research and analysis skills needed, and screen   resumes for these key skills. Recruiters could quickly view the number of applicants and identify   when additional recruiting efforts are needed to meet the objective. 

Continue to increase MTC’s ability to   quickly provide high quality consultants to awarded contracts to best serve   the clients’ needs

Increase MTC’s competitive advantage in   the IT consulting marketplace by increasing its reputation for having IT   consultants who are highly skilled in leading edge technologies and   innovative solutions for its clients

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