Story in Spanish/ using the right vocabulary

The Final Project is a way for you to demonstrate what you have learned in this course.

First, review your past Proyectos from Unidades 1-7 where you completed both written and oral presentations. Reflect on the vocabulary, grammar, and/or cultural concepts you learned.

For the Final Proyecto, you will either have a written or an oral presentation to show your overall understanding of the Spanish language.

you may decide to write a story, poem, song, or play using the vocabulary or grammar points to show that your knowledge of the Spanish language.

You will be graded on accuracy in Spanish, creativity, and alignment of presentation to the vocabulary and grammar presented.

The goal is for you to show your growth in Spanish based on your learning style.

Perhaps you are a visual learner and you provide a written description of a vocabulary concept; perhaps you are auditory and you present an oral presentation of one or more concepts; perhaps you are kinesthetic (hands-on) and you provide a diagram or visual drawing to show your understanding of the vocabulary and/or grammar points learned this semester.

This final project is designed by YOU- how do you want to show what you learned this semester?

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